Motherboard lights up but does not turn on or post

The board is MSI nf750-g55.

Suddenly today when i tried to turn my pc on, i was surprised that it didnt work. I did all thye usual stuff, like check the power connections, reseat the gpu, etc.

NOTE: The motherboard is receiving power, when i press the power button, it starts up for half a second the shuts off, pressing the button again (which is still lit up) is useless unless i cut the power off and turn it back on (on the PSU).

I also went through that guide you guys put together to no avail.
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    My best guess is, there is a bad psu. First try with another good psu. I think other component is ok.
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  3. You were right! i tested it with a spare! thank you, i would been at it for hours, since it doesnt seem like a psu issue!
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