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is it possible for my gtx 560 ti to be to good for my monitor, the reason i ask is since upgrading to the gtx i experiance horozontal lines accross the screen, i installed fraps and at times the rate goes well over 70, but my monitor only has a refresh rate of 60hz, is this a problem?? i dont have a hdmi input on the monitor so im using dvi could this be the problem?
help please its doing my head in , btw i only have these problems while gaming

system specs
intel i5 2300
gtx 560 ti 2g
6g ram
monitor is a packard bell viseo 230w
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  1. p.s this is not all games i ran mafia 2 with no problems but is a problen in metro 2033 and also the witcher
  2. Try reinstalling the video drivers.
  3. hi mate did try that with no joy i can reduced these effects by reducing the game setting to medium but from what im aware of this gtx card should run any game on high.
    in the witches it says im running over 2000 frs
    not to sure about all this is this far to much?? if so can i reduce it somehow?
    also on fable 3 i can stop this effect by turning v sync on but the i seem to suffer from blur when moving around
  4. well i seem to have sorted it out by changing the global setting in nvidia control panel , ive forced triple buffering on and also vsync now i dont produce more than 60 frs on all games
    so im guessing there is a montior on the market that can handle higher fraps?
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