8gb or 16 gb of ram?

I am fixing to build a pc for myself and I want to buy Patriot Intel Extreme Master Limited Edition ram...........Will I ever need 16 gb of ram or 8 is not a loss of performance and is perfect? The ram I am looking at is this

or this
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  1. 8GB of ram is more than needed on a standard computer.
    The only time you will need more than 8GB ram is if you're photoshopping or video editing to do multitasking.
  2. 8gb is enough. No need 16gb as it has no effect game performance.
  3. yeah but video editing gaming .......8gb or 16gb
  4. You're not very specific on the exact programs you'll be using.
  5. Sony Vegas maybe Adobe Premiere and definitely Photoshop
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    8GB will be fine.

    Get a good GPU for GPU Acceleration and rendering!
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