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Why won\'t my amd radeon hd 6850 run 3 monitors

I have installed a HIS Radeon HD 6850 in my pc that running Win7hp. Ijust wanted to run 3 monitors independently but its only running 2. I installed the amd ccc 11.6 for the driver. It was what HIS's website recommended. I was wondering what I was doing wrong. It says it can support 3 monitors but it only displays 2. In the ccc you can even find the third monitor but in order to get it to work you must disable one of the already working monitors. PLEASE! any advice would help me out and keep me from pulling my hair out.
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  1. EyeFinity requires that the DisplayPort be used to connect to one of the monitors. If you do not have a monitor with a DisplayPort, then you must purchase an Active DisplayPort to DVI adapter. Allowable configurations are as follows:

    1. DVI / DVI / DisplayPort
    2. DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort

    You cannot use DVI / DVI / HDMI because the video signal chip that all three are connected to can only output to 2 monitors. DisplayPort has it's own video signal chip which is why using the DisplayPort is required for EyeFinity.
  2. do all three monitors need to be the same make/model
  3. No, having the same monitor helps because all the resolutions and dimensions of the monitor are the same. You can use whatever monitor you have at hand if it has at least DVI ports.
  4. well i thank you guys for your advise but my card is still only operating two monitors at a time. I can't even get three monitors to work independently. As soon as I try to extend the desktop it tells me i must disable a monitor.
  5. Are you using the Displayport for one of the monitors? It needs to be an Active Displayport adapter not a passive one.
  6. Using (2) DVI and Dp. Just won't let me use three monitors. I got the dp cable from Nippon Labs. And I also Tried a Dp to HDMI cable as well and I tried with just HDMI. The same problem continues. I've even redownloaded the software twice now thinking that was the problem. Its either the card or human error. This is my first graphics card so I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong.
  7. I was reading some other forums and somebody was talking about changing their pc bios. Do I need to do this.
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    So your monitor has a displayport connection or are you using an adapter. Here's an article on the subject.

    It has to be an ACTIVE adapter.

    I'm just double checking because this is where people normally have a problem
  9. My Monitor has a dp input and I'm using a male to male dp cable.
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  11. You have to have an adapter. Even if your monitor has a Dp input you still must convert the digital signal to analog. Makes very little sense to me but it must be done for eyeinfinity/3 independent monitors.
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