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I have a wierd issue. My PC need to be powered on twice, when off for several hours to post. Other then this it will run fine for anything and any stress testing I throw at it. I have rma'd the board , and the new one does the same thing. Memory passes memtest and so on. Only when I turn pc off at night, then turn on in the morning it does this. Or when pc is off for several hours. When machine is running, it runs without a hiccup. (no oc's yet, i want to figure this out first)

Asus Rampage III Formula 1366 - latest Bios 903/ i7 950 @stock - Hyper 212/GT dominator 1866@Boards default settings - 3x2Gb/Thermaltake TR2 RX 850w/GTX 570 SC/Baracuda 500gb&2TB Hitachi/HAF 932 - only running everything on boards defaults
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  1. If you have a digital volt meter I would check the voltages on the 24pin main motherboard connector and the 4/8pin cpu conector to see if they are within their nominal values, you can do a search for the pinout and their values online. Do this from a cold start, you said you had problems after a couple of hours or over night.
  2. thanks for the reply knight. I'm currently in the process of doing this. I've did my research,know my pins and their voltage tolerances. One point I overlooked was doing the testing on a cold boot, thanks. I am confused as to testing the pins. Do i test every pin? i'm getting mixed views on this. Some say test a 12v pin,3.3,5 and see if there on point. So do i test just one of each from the 24pin and one 12v from esp? Or should i be checking every pin on both connectors? (every one of the 24pins and there appointed volts, and all four 12volt lines on the EPS). And to make sure im doing this properly - in the morning power on system, and where it hangs on post, leave it there and perform volt tests from backsides of connectors?
  3. Check voltage on all pins. Do this in the morning when you power up the system.
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    This seems to be a well known issue with many of the ASUS motherboards. Do a search for double boot. I have a P8Z77-V board and when I power off the powerstrip to my computer(so power supply and mother board get no power), when I power everything back on, after pressing the power on button on the case, I get a quick blip of power then it dies, but after a few seconds, it then powers on fine(wthout touching anything).

    This only happens when...

    A) Before powering on my motherboard was not receiving power(aka when the power strip feeding the computer is turned off). However, if I power down the computer, but leave power ON that feeds the power supply/motherboard. When I power back up via the case's power button, this double boot does NOT happen.

    B) In my case, this only happens at all, when I am overclocking. If I don't overclock, it will power on immediately after pressing the power button in every case.

    In my case, I just live with it as from all the reading I have seen, this does not negatively impact anything. It's just an annoyance.
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  6. I'd like to thank you's for your replies. My psu seems to be running fine, and more then capable of running my setup. Given everything is run at stocks.
    Through some more searching this seems to be a well known asus mobo issue, goin back to the earlier rampages and so on.

    I've come with a solution to ease the annoyance of this. I now put my pc to sleep, instead of shutting down. Doing this has allowed me to run my i7@ 3.6Ghz, and 1600mhz 8-8-8-8 on memory. Not big but is stable and i cant complain with that running on air well under 70C with a hyper 212 push n pull. When i do need to power down, its not a huge tweek job to bring my system back to oc specs.

    Thanks again, with my sleep method I feel comfortable goin on with a psu upgrade and adding a second 570, and corsair water cooler. You'll hear from me again, love the support from here already.
  7. Chuck_IV
    One thing you can try is go into BIOS and go to APM
    Power on by PCIe (Enable)
    According to ASUS the next best option is to update to the latest BIOS
    Waka88 should also give this a try, if it works it is better than a BIOS update.
  8. knightdog56 said:
    One thing you can try is go into BIOS and go to APM
    Power on by PCIe (Enable)
    According to ASUS the next best option is to update to the latest BIOS
    Waka88 should also give this a try, if it works it is better than a BIOS update.

    Yea, I saw that solution posted here, for another motherboard(the P8Z67 I believe). I tried it, but it didn't change anything for me. I am also running the latest bios from Asus.
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