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Urgent Advice needed. Radeon 9600 Pro in AGP2X Slot

Hi, let me start by explaining. I bought a Radeon 9600 Pro Card today, (Much like the one shown below)
which I want to use on a motherboard which only has a 3.3v AGP2X Slot.

I noticed that most 9600 Pro cards are 1.5v AGP8X only, so I figured this was a rare find, but now I'm
worried that I might actually "fry" the card by using it in an AGP2X slot. :sweat:

So my question is, since the card does actually have the AGP2x "cut" in it, will it definitely work?
Am I in danger of frying the card by placing it in the 3.3v Slot? :(

I'm not sure what brand of card it is (Powercolor, I Think), but it looks identical to this one (Same cooler even),
but the Circuit board is dark brown, not red.

Please let me know what you think.

Wait: It's this exact one! :)

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  1. So nobody can help me here??? Or does nobody want to hazard a guess?
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