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RAM has same specs, but one says SPD, the otherXMP?

So I bought 2x4GB Ram sticks, then wanted to upgrade so I bought 2 more with the exact same specs- Speed, Size and CAS latency. Afterward, my computer started freezing when playing high graphic video games. I took out the SPD and now it works fine,HOWEVER, I didn't have Dual channel set up properly b/c I thought that same colored slots were of the same channel but they are not. Will I be able to run them together if Dual channel is set up properly? SPD on one channel and XMP on the other. I'll probably just test it out. But would like to know hear some suggestions. Thanks.
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  1. kinda confusing..
    your certain it's the same RAM, both sets, link them so we can look it up.?
    also what does CPU-Z say, post screenies.
  2. Sorry. Actually It looks like one is 10600 and the other is 10666. Links to both on newegg here.
    Look at the model number stickers in the pictures. They both say XMP however my 10600 sticks say SPD instead. I read that 10600 and 10666 are the same.
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    you have to manually edit the XMP settings to make both sets run at the exact same specs..
    if that doesn't work then send one pair back and get the matching set.
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