Memtest shows different RAM settings for Channel A&B, for same stick.

So just wondering if this is normal. I was testing a RAM stick on 2 different channels with MEMTEST. The specs of the stick are DDR3-1333 2GB CL8-8-8-21. I tested it on both channels of my motherboard and while MEMTEST is running it shows RAM SETTINGS. However, for the same stick of RAM the settings were different on each channel.
Channel B: 200 MHz(DDR400)/Cas 9-9-9-24/DDR3 64bit
Channel A: 666 MHz(DDR1333)/Cas 9-9-9-24/DDR3 64bit
Can anyone explain what this means? Does channel B not use the RAM to its full potential. If so then I'll make sure not to use channel B. Thanks. Also why do the RAM settings show Cas 9-9-9- instead of 8-8-8, which are the RAM's specs?
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  1. 9-9-9-24 is a common default for most motherboards. To get lower on DDR3-1333 or higher memory usually needs manual settings or XMP on most motherboards.

    I don't know why channel B is using such a low frequency. At least with both channels in use, they should use the same frequency. You could use CPU-Z to test this with both channels in use because CPU-Z reports data for each memory module.
  2. Thanks. I just downloaded CPU-Z.
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