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want to creat a system for 6-8 24 inch screens that will function as one big logical display and also be able to open application in 1 display, want to have gaming capabilities on top of my financial software, get confused withn all the GPU out there .one thing i know is that the Nvidia NVS line of GPU is noth the answer , can a dual quadro 4000 do the work with the Mosaic sftware from Nvidia?
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  1. your not trying to run any cad software or graphical design software are you???
  2. i am running financial software but would like to have also gaming capacity, running today dual 280 gtx on 4 24 inch and would like to go for 6-8 screen, as DPI or DVI outputs are limited on the cards i have to use some kind of software , i would like to know if dual Qaadro 4000 will handle the task , or if there other solution
  3. id go with AMD simply for the fact that this technology is their bread&butter.....Nvidia just hasnt had the hours logged into developing it that AMD does....

    that being said.....saphire flex series has a real good grasp on eyefinity and you should be able to take full advantage of it......


    id run two of these in crossfire X

    good luck
  4. you'll have to pick up at least 2 Active display port adapters if you're not planning on purchasing monitors with display port connectivity tho....
  5. thanks for the answer , but can EyeFinity support 6-8 monitors?i would like to use 2 grafic cards but i simply do not find the right configuration as normal financial multiscreen cards cannot handle games. i am trying to build a system from scratch .
  6. what you'll be using them for would be wasted on workstation cards.....you sound like you need more display power than 3d model capability
  7. yup you''ll actually be able to go all the way to 12 with those cards!!!
  8. im seeing 9 monitors in eyefinity all set up in "portrait" mode........

    like this......

  9. correct , but i found out after going threw a lot of cards that sophisticated game cards are handling better all up and coming updtaes in software, they are built better and last longer, so at start it is an overkill but after 3 years of usage it is the best investment
    BUT waht is the right configuration? and what type of a solution?
  10. gimme a few.....ill see if i can put somn together for you.......
  11. http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1041&pid=1114&psn=&lid=1&leg=0
    i do not understand how it is supporting up to 6 screens as stated or how i connect the screen, here you have the set up but i do not understand the configuration
  12. you configure it either in amd's catalyst or under your display options in the control panel.....just keep picking the next monitor and choose the "extend these displays" option.....there are also video tutorials on youtube for eyefinity 101 or eyefinity basics

    it's going to take some time to setup and learn.....but once you master it your productivity will go through the roof!!!
  13. am i going to get one big logical screen? 6-8 monitors in that set up ?
  14. hey what do you know it spit out the same card i recomended.....but since you'll have more displays 2 of them will work just fine......aint that just the muttz nutz
  15. yes....and you can also run programs in them individually if you so desire
  16. eyefinity is quite versatile in its infinite configurabiliy.....well not infinite but almost!!!
  17. thanks for all , just one more question, why do i need one of the connectors to be self powered and does it matter which one?
  18. im not sure why,,,but since the advent of the 6xxx series cards,,, eyefinity has required the use of at least one display port (per card i believe not positive tho) style monitor. however this requirement can be side-stepped through the use of an ACTIVE(must be active, that's important) display port adapter.. it can be on any of the monitors to activate eyefinity....
    in your case though,,, you'll need two or three because the newer amd cards only have 2 dvi connections and one hdmi....2 cards thats 6 monitors so you'll need to do the rest with the mini dp adapters....the cards i recomended come with one....although im not sure if they're active or not?!?!? so you'll prolly need just one mini dp active adapter........
    and here it is

    good luck
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    look at the answer i got from the support center , it is not going well with our disscution at all.......

    Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200429204]} has been reviewed and updated.

    Response and Service Request History:

    It would require 2 video cards to run 8 displays, 6 is the maximum supported off of one card. You will not be able to create a group of th e8 displays, the grouped monitors must be connected to a single card for now, so the maximum in a single group is 6.

    The Radeon HD6xxx cards that support 6 displays do so through the display port outputs through display port 1.2 daisy chain monitors or multiphase hubs and these are not yet available, they should be later this year.

    This leaves the FirePro cards. The V7900 and V8800 support up to 4 monitors each and would work as a combination. The V9800 supports up to 6 and you can Pair this with a V7800, or any other of the V5800 to V9800 cards for up to 8 displays
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