Fan XPert 2 - ignore a fan?

Hi all,

Anyone using Asus Fan XPert 2?

The pump for my liquid cooler has a fan header cable, which I have attached to one of the fan control connectors on my mobo. It seems to me that I don't want anything trying to control the speed of this - I just want the pump at a constant high rate, right? Fan XPert 2 will attempt to "autotune" the pump, but since it doesn't have a controllable range it won't let me manually set a fixed RPM.

Is there any way to use the Auto Tuning feature but tell it to ignore certain fans?

Any advice is appreciated!

- Steve
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  1. There should be an option in the bios under Hardware monitor to select either ignore or enable for each fan header.
    I also have liquid cooling and because it's a custome system there is no cpu fan ad I ad to select the cpu fan to ignore in order to even boot because the bios wanted to see a fan pluged into the cpu fan header.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the response! I've set that option to "ignore" for my CPU fan as well. I was more concerned with Fan XPert 2 controlling the speeds of chassis fans. However, after some investigation and experimentation, I realized that the pump fan header cable only has one wire and in fact is not controllable at all. The single wire is simply to report the RPM to the mobo. So Fan XPert is not trying to control it and I have nothing to worry about.

    - Steve
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