Radeon 5850 cf vs gtx 580

hi all,,,im planning to buy new video cards,,,,
and my selection narrowed down to 5850 cf or single gtx 580

my game are battlefield bad company, dirt3, crysis,

my pc spec :
i7 2600k
asrock fatality p67 professional
gskill trident 4gb cl8
xigmatek nrp mc 702
wd caviar black 1tb

need ur advice since im new to this
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  1. id go with the 580 for now as they're similar in performance.........but only untill you get the second 580 for x-mas and sli it!!!
  2. yeah, gtx 580 performs nearly same as 2 5850
  3. unfortunately the price of single gpu of gtx 580 is quite expensive
    while sapphi** 5850 is very cheap,,,i could just got both of them 280 us dollars

    but what i am afraid is the compatibility issue with crossfire...
  4. I would always take a single gpu card over SLI or crossfire even if its slightly less powerful.Crossfire needs time to be implmented in console ports nad the single gpu fares better.For example,even in the latest crysis 2 game people found that enabling crossfire actually SLOWED the game down and disabling it improved performance.I would take the gtx 580 but if its way to more expensive then do with dual 5850s
  5. you can go with a gtx570 or a 560ti as they kill 1080p gaming.then sli them down the road.
    sli is better than xfire due to stable and mature drivers.
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