I would like some help with picking out a motherboard

Hi, I'm new here and I have recently decided to build a new computer for gaming but after browsing Newegg I found shopping for the right mobo to be a very daunting task. I've been looking at them and I can't figure out what some of the features are and how to use those features

My preferred CPU:
Core i7 3770K

My narrowed list of boards

Asus Maximus V Formula/Extreme (haven't decided which)

Asrock Z77 OC Formula

MSI Z77 MPower

So if someone here more experienced than I can help me out I'd appreciate it

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  1. The Asus Maximus V Extreme is an Extended motherboard and you have to be sure that the case you get and accomodate an EX-ATX board. If you are seriously considering this board and you can afford the price then you should get this board. It has so many deatures that other boards don't have that you can do just about anything that you want. It has a lot of Pci-e slots to put two or even three video cards and any other addon card that needs a full x16 slot.
    It's the kind of board I would be inteerested in if I were getting an Ivy Bridge cpu. As you can see by ny sig I went with the Sandy Bridge-e and therefore the Asus Rampage 111 Extreme. I like having more options and features than I will use because it's better to have them and not use them then to not have them and want them.
    So my vote goes for the Asus Maximus V Extreme. An i7-3770K deserves a high end motherboard.
  2. Are there any particular features you are looking for that may help a choice?
    Although I'm not a huge fan of the colors, I like the fact the ASRock board has more SATA ports than the others
  3. Well as for the case I'm getting a Raidmax Agusta so IDK if the Maximus V will fit

    As for the features I might OC it but it would be my first time so I might need to learn how to OC so features I need to also learn what some of the board programs do

    Having no experience in overclocking you will need a motherboard that makes overclocking easy and is very overclocking friendly. There are a number of overclock presets with Asus boards that make you able to have a mild overclock with just the selection of an option. The board that is linked is a regular ATX and has those options and some very nice features.
  5. With that case, you are limited to only the MSI motherboard, all others are E-ATX and are too big. The case will fit up to ATX size boards only.
    Or the motherboard linked above...
  6. That motherboard is nice but I'm also looking at the MPower and the Formula (I think I can modify the case to fit) but if the money just don't flow I might go for the motherboard you linked me to
  7. but to be honest I would opt for another case if you have any ideas. I like aggressive looking cases (I choose the Agusta cause I am a big fan of Gundam which is the inspiration for the Agusta's style, a very aggressive look)
  8. Well my choices are narrowed really narrowed to the Gene and the MPower due to the lower prices, maybe if I can get enough money I might get a different case and a Formula. But right now its between the Gene and the MPower
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    The Gene is a good board, I have the Maximus IV Gene-Z and I'm quite happy with it's performance
  10. does it have enough room for cross fire x?
  11. It's very close - perhaps 1/4" clearance between cards, cooling your primary card could be an issue during long gaming periods - I figured to add a water cooled gpu as the primary when I do X-fire
  12. cool I think Ill try the Gene to start my dive into enthusiast gaming PC's, well other than my G74sx
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