Which mobo, so confused!!

Hello, I'm looking for a Z77 mobo, for i5 3570k, 2x4GB 1600mhz RAM, graphic in HD6850(70), HD 7850(or 7870) range. And overclocking a bit to 4-4,2Ghz. No crossfire intended, (but hey you never know what will happen later so if the price difference is not big...) Which one would you choose, I'm looking for best and cheapest combination for me.

I was researching and reading and my head hurts now. Here is how I understand things(main characteristics+ and -) and prices:

Asus P8z77- v = 12phase (8+4) digital VRM, so this as I understand is good for OC. Also Intel Lan (apparently good), ... very good, but a bit expensive maybe. 151€

Asus P8z77 -v LK = 4+1+1, CF and SLI (8x8). So bad powerphase, not good OC? 128€

Asus P8z77 -v LE = 6+2 , no USB3 header :( , only CF and second PCI-E 4x (not good I think)- a bit better to OC then previous, but not that good? 136€

all Asus have better BIOS and software.

AsRock z77 Extreme4 = 8+4 (although apparently 8+2+2, if that makes a difference?) , but not digital VRM and can be problematic?? other things sweet. Better sound as P8z77-v ? .So OK to OC or VRM problems?? A bit less durable than Asus, but as I understand now close by the quality already? 135€

Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H = 4+1 +2 GPU, Best Sound, CF 2nd PCI-E 4x So good or bad OC? 100€

Gigabyte GA- Z77X-D3H = 6+2+1 ? best sound, SLI and CF good or bad OC? 123€

Gigabyte Ga- Z77X-UD3H = 6+4 phase, digital VRM ,( but apperantly really good with 3 MOSFETS on 1 phase so heatsink not a problem and somewhere I read that 1 phase has the capability of ussualy 2 phases from most other mobos?probably for all Gigabytes (I don't completely understand what I wrote there btw ;) ) Best sound chip. So OK for OC, but worse than Asus P8z77-v overall for the same money? 147€

Quality of Gigabyte close to Asus, slightly worse Bios.
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  1. Get the P8Z77-V - Rock solid board with amazing ability :)
  2. i have the LK and i can reach 4.5ghz 1.15v easily. so the 4 phase is good. 8 phase if you are doing above 4.6ghz.

    other one id get is the extreme4.

    i wouldnt get the v given its price and it doesnt perform any better than the asus motherboards.

    and also, do you even use all the IO? i doubt so i dont see the point of a extremely packed IO suite
  3. Go for Asus or Gigabyte whichever you can afford i would choose Asus P8z77- v but it would depend if i could afford it or not.
  4. Thank you for opinions :) It is true I probably won't use all of the IO

    Now that I think about it a bit more, I eliminated some mobos.
    price wise I think I would rather give 15€ over Asrock for Asus. Just personal distrust still about asrock, probably am doing it injustice.

    But I gather that none of the Mobos is a fail to buy and all should OC without a big problem to about 4,5GHz or so?

    So pricewise the big save is between Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H (if I go more budget and sure not to use CF or SLi) and Asus P8z77-v

    And the middle ground is probably Gigabyte GA- Z77X-D3H (looks better to me spec wise as Asus P8z77 -v LK)

    Thank you!
  5. yeah they should all hit 4.5ghz. but all depends on how lucky you got with your CPU (each one overclocks differently)

    true. the IO and the internal connectors on the xd3h are a bit more in quantity and features
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