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Hi, I've been wanting to upgrade my GeForce GTX 260m graphics card with something better, but I can't seem to find anything that will be compatible with my laptop.
Processor:i5 @ 2.53GHz (4CPUs)~2.5GHZ
DirectX version 11

I'm not sure about the power, my AC Adapter draws 150W
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  1. not easy.....
    i mean really not easy...
  2. Not easy? btw Its Alienware m15x
  3. One of the reasons its not easy is because laptop graphics cards are hard to buy except from the manufacturer. There's also size and power draw considerations.
  4. So, say I want an nVidia graphics card, I'd have to order directly from the company? And also would they be able to tell me my size and power draw?
  5. There is nothing on the Dell website to indicate that the graphics processor can be replaced....
  6. Video cards for laptops are typically sold only to OEMs like Dell / Alienware / Falcon Northwest, etc and they would install the card in the laptop's MXM slot. If it has a MXM slot. Most laptops have the video chip soldered onto the motherboard. These laptops cannot be upgraded.

    If your Alienware m15x does use a MXM format video card (type I, II, III), then it is possible to upgrade. However, finding a place to buy a MXM card is the difficult part.
  7. You can always try to use external graphics card like this one:
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