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I'm doing a gaming rig, I have an Intel i5 2500k, and I'm getting a 570 for graphics. I plan on OCing my CPU and graphics card, and also SLIing them in the future. These are the PSUs I'm looking at:

Will 750 watts be enough for OCing an i5 and two 570s, and SLIing them? I know the 1000w PSU is overkill, but it seems like a really good deal. Otherwise are there any 850 watts for $100-150 you'd recommend?
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  1. 750 is too small....1000 oversized....and those are both expensive oiven what they are:

    XFX Core Edition 850 $90 (9.5 jonnyguru performance rating)

    Corsair HX850 $160 (10.0 jonnyguru performance rating)

    Antec CP-850 $115 (10.0 jonnyguru performance rating)*

    *Requires compatible Antec case
  2. Why are they expensive for what they are? If you don't mind elaborating. I'm new to this stuff lol. Like I said I know the 1000 watt's overkill but it's got a lifetime warranty and a gold rating, which none of the other PSUs have.
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