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I have a HP Pavilion laptop dv5-1000.

Intel core 2 duo t9400 2.53ghz 6mb L2 cache
3Gb DDR2 Ram
Geforce 9600M GT GPU

I have been recently increasing the gaming demand on the machine. Its preforming well but it over heats like crazy making it very inconvenient for I have to put a stand fan on it and have to prop it up to help air flow else it shuts off.

Is there anything I can do to really help this problem? I have been researching coolers but am very skeptical I feel like they would only inhibit the air flow further, anybody have any experience with them? Also is there any software that could safely improve my computers fan function?

Thanks in advance
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  1. try out speedfan, it's a free software to control fans. although I doubt it will detect notebook fans (from my experience with my now dead pavillion dv9000)

    propping it up an inch or so from from the surface usually does the trick but if it shuts down on normal use (browsing the web) then you should go to HP and have it checked.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. I feel better about a possible cooler investment
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  4. thisguy,
    You should also blow out the dust in the rear and bottom vents. I had to take mine apart to clean it, the cooling fins were completely plugged.
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