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Hello, I've always owned AMD machines but decided to upgrade to a new i5 cpu. I got the stuff yesterday and installed it on an old AMD Athlon 64 machine running XP Pro SP3 (initially tried to use the old hard drive). I got a boot loop, so I switched out the hard drive with a brand new Barracuda 500GB, but it, too, does a boot loop. Tried putting in the XP disk to reload XP and it blue screens with a hard drive error (0x0000007B). Put in a different, new Barracuda and it does the same thing. Checked all settings on the motherboard (connections, cpu and memory seating, etc), nothing seems amiss. Are there known issues with upgrading from AMD to Intel that I'm not aware of? Thanks (and sorry if this ends up being a stupid question).

Other information--have a 400w PS, 8GB Kingston DDR3, Intel i5 CPU. Using an older Sony SATA DVD drive (1 1/2 yr), but initially tried without the DVD at all prior to trying to reinstall XP. Have reset the CMOS. BIOS seems configured properly.
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  1. Dude, the motherboard for an AMD cpu is not the same for Intel. You are going to destroy your machine.
  2. OK-maybe I wasn't specific enough. I replaced the old AMD board with an Intel BOXH61WWB3 Socket H2, the old processor with an i5 second gen (1155), and the old DDR2 mem with 8GB of DDR 3. The only item left from the old machine (initially) was my hard drive with Windows XP installed. Once I ran into problems, I even replaced it with a brand new out of the box Seagate Barracuda 500GB. I'm still having the same issues, though.

    NVM-I just figured it out-Intel requires that an XP install on one of its new boards have at least SP2 integrated. My old XP discs only had SP1 integrated. That's why I couldn't load XP. Still can't figure out why my old hd wouldn't load up without installing a new copy of XP, though (already had it updated to SP3+). Once I installed W7U, it ran fine (though I had to do a clean install). Any explanation for my edification would be appreciated.
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