Problems booting with new build (0x0000007E bluescreen)

So I've recently build a new PC, the specs of which are:

CPU: i5 3470
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-M Z77 Socket 1155
Memory: 16Gb 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance
SSD: Samsung 830 128Gb
PSU: Corsair 450W
GFX: GTS 250

The PSU and graphics card were from my previous computer, the memory, SSD, CPU and motherboard are brand new.

When I switch it on, I can get to the BIOS, all temperatures and voltages seem fine, and it correctly recognises all my hardware. If I try to boot to a Win7 64bit install disc, it gets through the "loading files" screen and then it blue-screens with 0x0000007E a couple of seconds into the windows loading animation. I have plugged in my old hard drive and tried booting to either my current install of windows 7, and even an install of XP. Both crash at exactly the same point, a couple of seconds into the loading animation, with the same error.
I have tried an Ubuntu Live CD. It loads, then dumps me into a BusyBox shell where I can't do anything except navigate around the install disc.

I did manage to get ubuntu to boot from an iso on a USB drive, so I installed it onto my SSD, rebooted...and it hangs at the flashing cursor.

Thing's I've tried:

-I've run memtest. Itwouldn't boot from CD - constantly returned 1004 (I think) BIOS error, but could boot DOS from USB and run it from there. Memory returned no errors.

-Tried swapping around memory sticks, trying each stick one at a time. No change.

-Taken out graphics card and running through on board graphics

-Tried with just my new SSD on its own or just my old HDD on its own.

-Removed DVD drive completely when booting to old HDD with win7 install.

-Swapping round SATA ports between 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s

-Made sure all front USB ports, audio sockets etc were unplugged, as well as all peripherals except mouse, keyboard and a single monitor. Checked and re-checked all internal wiring.

Note: I did manage to reach system repair for XP and is the only time I managed to get a windows based GUI to show up, but this wasn't helpful at all, since nothing needed repairing. Trying to boot into XP (safemode or regular) still crashed.

Although I would have suspected memory, it looks fine. It looks to either be motherboard or CPU. Possibly something related to SATA controllers or such on the motherboard, since booting from USB is fine, but anything going to SATA (i.e hard drive, SSD and optical drives) crashes? Is it at all likely to be the CPU?

Could it possibly be I've just overlooked a BIOS setting? I've tried changing SATA controller to IDE, but then it just stays on the BIOS screen indefinitely, with my only option to enter BIOS setup.

Would be really grateful for any help with this! Thanks a bunch.
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  1. UPDATE: I updated the BIOS and this allowed me to boot the win7 disc! However, after it taking nearly 40 minutes to load up the installation window, it gets 2% in to the expanding files part then says something along the lines of "wrong disc in drive D" (the DVD drive) and I can't get past that...
  2. you obviously have access to another computer....

    id try making a "bootable usb stick" intall........

    another thing you could try is to format that hdd from another computer??? start fresh....
  3. So I asked this a while ago but I solved it so thought it was worth replying in case any one else has similar problems.

    It was actually two problems, the BIOS needed updating and my DVD drive was faulty.

    The BIOS update stopped the bluescreens from occuring when booting into anything but DOS, and I bought a new DVD drive and instead of taking 40 minutes to go from inserting the windows 7 disc to getting the install instructions up, it took about 2 minutes, then proceeded to install without a hitch.
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