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I live in the Houston area and recently after a thunderstorm my router went out. I know the modem is good, cause I get internet straight from it. However I was on the phone with Linksys over an hour and they finally said the router was done. This is my fifth router in two years! Why are these routers so vulnerable to power outages? Is the router truely DONE or is it just Linksys getting me to buy a newer more expensive model? Any way to test the router?

Please help! :fou:
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  1. try powering it up and then keep the reset button pressed for about 30sec. this will reset the router to manufacture default. if this does not work, it is shot.

    Are you using a surge protector? It is about $20 for a good one and might save you money down the line.
  2. I did that before, during, and after talking to the Linksys service rep. We even manually set the IP address.

    I have a $45 surge protector already. It protected the modem just fine. Why is the router affected and not the modem?
  3. power surge can come from any cable going in the router, not just the power.

    I've had a modem die on me for a surge on the telephone line.
  4. I finally gave up on the router. Bought a new better one but had issues getting laptop connect. Turns out Vista sucks at internet connectivity. I connected easy peasy with laptop using XP and Win 7, but the wife's laptop with Vista said it was connected with excellent strength, but would not let me in to internet. What a piece of crap. Did some research and yes Vista has issues with the newer WPA and WPA2. So, I'm responding only for those who may run into same problem. If you have Vista you MUST use WEP 64 security setting.
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