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Mobo VGA socket broken?

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October 11, 2012 1:29:08 PM

Hello, my pc hanged when iam playing warcraft III when i reset it there is no more display. I tried to fix it but nothing happens that night. The next day I tried to open my pc and it worked and seemed everything is fine then when i turned it off for a while (5 mins) and tried to boot it again suddenly there is no more display again. The next day to that i boot the pc then it started turned it off for a while opened it nothing happend again. I can say my pc is running because there is windows sounds and all the components inside are with lights and seemed running normally.


Is my vga slot screwed up?

Will installing a pcie or vga on agp slot will resolve the issue?

Will the video card detect mobo even if there is no installed drivers?

Change mobo for future upgrades?

p5kpl-am epu mobo
dual core
2 gb ram ddr2
Win 7

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a b Ĉ ASUS
a c 183 V Motherboard
October 11, 2012 11:01:51 PM

You have an AGP based motherboard? Those were outdated 5 years ago.
The only thing that fits on an AGP slot is an AGP device, do you currently have a video card connected to the AGP slot or do you have a pci video card connected to a pci slot.
For the purpose of being clear there are no vga slots there is only AGP, pci or pci-e.
If you have a computer that is that old then it's time for a new computer , at this point upgrades will be a waste f money and trying to find older parts that will work with what you have will be hard and expensive. If you change the motherboard then you have to change just about all the parts that are connected to it , the cpu, ram, video card, hard drive and power supply so basicly a whole new computer.
a b Ĉ ASUS
a c 183 V Motherboard
October 12, 2012 5:14:24 PM

The blue slot is the Pci-e slot and the two white slots are Pci slots , your motherboard is a socket LGA 775 and it's still old but not as old as AGP and you are still faced with updating the whole computer because of the parts being outdated and you would be wasting money trying to update it when you can get a whole new computer for maybe the same price.
Where do you live? That will be a determining factor on what you can do.