Best Video Card For Extreme gaming on 52' 1080p LCD

hi there i have a i7 quad 2.6ghz with 12G of ram and a HD5750 for video card.

Im looking to change my video card. But i just dont know what to buy. Im a gamer type and watch alot of HD Movies. My display is a 52" Sony Bravia 1080p LCD.

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  1. evga gtx 580 3072mb
  2. would this be a laptop???

    if so you're stuck with that gfx card my friend....
  3. a laptop???? with 12g of ram..... nope all this in a thermaltake level 10
  4. A normal 580 would be fine for that resolution. 1.5 GB will be plenty.
  5. oops sorry i just didnt remebers a 2.6g i7 desktop but have since found it.....

    well size does not matter but the resolution does so any of the newer style gpu's will do you just fine

    since you allready rock the amd why not get a nice hd6950..... somn' allong the lines of........
  6. I agree a GTX 580 would be perfect, and for sometime too.
  7. GTX 580 1.5mb or 3mb
  8. Get 2 580s and sli if you got the money. I would oc your i7 a bit too.
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