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Hello. I did not know where to put this so if it is in the wrong place I am sorry.
So, recently I had many problems with my computer which is a custom build.
Motherboard: ASRock H55DE3
GPU: GeForce 460 GTX
CPU: Intel i5 3.33Ghz
Power Supply: Corsair TX650

There are 3 main problems, first of all the computer turns off itself quite often, most of the times it turns itself on back again but without display and after about 15 seconds turns itself off again and then turns on again etc.
Secondly I got the 0x0000007F (0x00000008) blue screen of death.
Thirdly, my computer freezes sometimes and the mouse and keyboard look like they are powerless (no lights) while the computer is running and the monitor is stuck.

The only thing I changed was my graphics drivers which I updated but yesterday rolled back to drivers from quite a while ago because I am trying to fix a game. Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. HI, did rolling driver solve your problem?

    Restore default setting from bios. If not working then reset bios by removing mobo battery for 1 min and insert it again.

    What dose BSOD report?
  2. If I may ask, what is the mobo battery.
  3. Motherboard Battery, which help motherboard(mobo) to save BIOS setting to CMOS after computer power off.

    What is the report from BSOD?
  4. I said already what the Bsod reports 0x0000007F (0x00000008) it turns off quite quickly so I can't get anymore, plus I can't just go "I want BSOD now" it happens randomly, the next time it happens I will try to get some more info. How do I remove the motherboard battery?
  5. When you build a computer you should always do a memory test on it. Download and run memtest86 for at least three passes to test your memory. If memory is not your problem then your problem is probably caused by a driver most likely the video driver. Install the driver that came on the CD with the graphics card and see if the computer is stable before trying to upgrade it.
  6. I didn't build my computer, a shop did it, by custom built I mean I chose the parts, but I will run the memtest86 thing.
  7. but the memtest 86 is for 86x sytems I have a 64 bit processor and windows.
  8. Well, I have re-installed my graphics driver from the disk and while I don't get the bluescreen anymore (we'll see tommorow though) the computer turning on and off and the freezing still persist, however they are in a much lower frequency than earlier today or yesterday.
  9. I fixed it! By installing windows again...
  10. Quote:
    but the memtest 86 is for 86x sytems I have a 64 bit processor and windows.

    Memtest86 will work with any computer 32 bit or 64 bit as it does not use the operating system but is booted from a bootable CD. I still think that you should do the memory test.
  11. Nevermind, it still crashes.
  12. How do I turn it on? The memtest that is.
  13. Again bsod? Make a bootable memtest soft in to a cd or a flash drive and test your memory.
  14. No there hasn't been a BSOD, but the crashes and the computer turning on and off and the freezing still persist. Although quite rarely, perhaps it's a RAM stick that is faulty.
  15. So you cant boot at all? How ram do you have? If two, then check with each ram.
  16. Sorry for being afk. I can boot. I'll check the ram sticks tommorow.
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