Bios say 1333 should be 1600

stupid question but i have 1600 low profile ram but its showing up as 1333! you have probably been asked this a million times but how do i change it? all i can find it in is the oc menu but when i change that it still says 1333 on main menu? am i doing somthing wrong?
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  1. What is your mobo? You have to oc cpu to run @1600 speed.
  2. OC tweaker > Load xmp setting > Profile 1

    Or you can set all the settings manually according to your ram specs in dram configuration.

    BTW he has the z77 extreme4. Just take a look at his other thread.
  3. Oh, didnt see his other thread.

    OC will do work for you as k1114 said. Do it manually if you can.
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