How much is my build worth?

I'm going to sell me old build but I have no Idea what's it's worth.

I'm selling it to my parents... so I'm not looking to make money.
We're in Canada, so consider Canadian prices.

So here it is:
Asus M2a-VM HDMI motherboard
GeForce 8600GTS 512MB
Athlon X2 5600+ Dual-core @ 2.8GHz
4 GB RAM Mushkin 800MHz
500W power supply
Sata3Gb/s DVD Burner
320 GB HDD

So how much?
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  1. No more than $100.
  2. Too your parents? Seriously? Sell? You have some interesting ideas...

    Geek is probably a bit low, I'd say closer to $150.
  3. 4745454b said:
    Too your parents? Seriously? Sell? You have some interesting ideas...

    Yeah, I know. The thing is a couple of years ago, I had given them my even older PC. Now it's an old piece of crap blue screening very often and not worth repairing. So they call me up and ask me to make them a new one. I look for piece and for 400-500 $ I can make something nice.

    But I thought that for a lot less, I could use parts that I am using on my actual computer. It's a lot less expensive and still better that what they need. And that way, I don't get stuck with useless components when I upgrade my actual system. Although I was planning on doing it later than right now.

    Not to mention that I don't how well windows XP 32 bit will handle something new like an APU.
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    20 for the mobo, 40 for the GPU, 20 for the HDD, 10 for the ODD, 20 for the PSU (what's the model?), 30 for the CPU, and 20 for the RAM makes $160.
    No case?
  5. No case
    the PSU is more or less generic. It's got a brand, but it's nothing special.
  6. Well, what's the brand?
  7. I think it's MIOS... I'm not sure. That's what written on the box.
    But I can't find any info on google.
  8. Well, it might be worth getting a new one.
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