Is faulty RAM behind my PC freezes?

i5 2500K
8GB Corsair RAM 1333MHz
Gigabyte GA-P67X-UD3-B3

About 2 months back I built a PC (done a lot in the past) and this is the only one I've been having issues with!

The issues started maybe a week or so after I first built the computer. The computer would randomly freeze (screen frozen, mouse cursor couldn't be moved) and I would have to force a restart. The problem originally predominantly occurred while under heavy load from games, and the last second or so of the sound from the game would play repeatedly on a loop.
These issues became more frequent with time and I went and re installed Windows about twice within a week, thinking that there was something wrong with the OS (the re-installs didn't help). The problem then started getting worse, and was becoming more frequent (1-2 times every couple of hours if I was doing anything intensive) and I started getting freezes while browsing the internet, movies, music, even on Standby!

I went and ran tests on my CPU, Hard Drive and Graphics Card, but temps were pretty average and there were no issues that I could see. So last week I took everything out of the case and reinstalled it. And after that everything was fine (so I thought) until the day before yesterday. That then left me with 3 culprits: mobo, RAM or the PSU. I did think of the PSU, but it's from a respectable brand, and it's definitely powerful enough for my build. So that left 2 -- mobo and PSU.

Yesterday I went and tried a program I downloaded to test my RAM, I left my room for literally 30 seconds, I came back to a BSOD and had to force a restart.

Is it the RAM, or is it something else? I'm pretty frustrated as the problem won't go away!! Of all the freezes I've had over the last 2 or so months, about 10 of them have given me BSODs, and they've all been hardware related. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. What program you used for ram test? Memtest86 is the best. If testing cause BSOD then there is a faulty ram.

    What is you graphic card? You got any massages, "Display driver has stopped working and has been recovered "? It may also happen from faulty gpu.
  2. my graphics card is a GTX 560Ti. I'm running latest drivers and haven't ever got any messages about a display driver not working.
    I can't remember the name of the program, but I'll give memtest86 a try.
  3. I think its faulty ram. If more ram do it before, than its maybe faulty mobo.
  4. could you please say what you did to solve the issue ?
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