About the 4770 hd card

I am doing a new build with new mobo, proc, and 8 gigs ddr3. I am planning to use my xfx ati 4770 hd card. I want to know if it is 64 bit ready to use with win 7 x64.


i know my proc is ready, as is my mobo

Thank you
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  1. The card will work fine sans the dx11
  2. Yes, the card will work fine.
  3. "n88tr"...I am currently using this exact card and have been totally happy with it.
    I can play Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 no problem. Also I have Win Vista Ultimate X64 bit installed as an O.S. and works perfect. Great card. I believe it's underrated. Doesn't have Direct X 11, but 10.1-shader model 4, which is good enough for most games, except the very latest.
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