Cant create bootable usb drive POWER ISO

I just bought an SSD for my desktop, and have to wipe my current drive so that i can put a fresh install of windows on my SSD. I downloaded dban on my laptop (do all of my downloading etc on my laptop) and tried to use power iso to created a bootable drive for dban instead of wasting my money on dvds.

1) i tried to format the usb to fat32. Then ran power iso in admin mode. Then used the create bootable usb tool. I chose the appropriate iso and the appropriate usb. I successfully format it without errors. Then i put the usb in my desktop and boot up to my BIOS. I choose the usb as my boot drive, then boot. I get a black screen for a while (3-4 seconds) then it boots to windows (my primary HDD).

2) see 1 except i didnt format the usb... same results.

fx 4100
radeon 6850
8 gb gskill ram
500 gb hdd
asrock extreme4 970 mobo

Help would be greatly appreciated, i and foaming at the mouth with anticipation of this SSD
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  1. bump please
  2. use these and it will work i was useing power iso and had same problems doesn't work for booting for some reason
  3. use this it will work fine
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    Microsoft one is better why use unet booting when its literally a 1 click install with Microsoft own usb booter prog and works for any version of windows
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