Asrock Z77 Extreme4

So I recently purchased this motherboard for my build.
Well, when I was putting together the board, I stupidly thought that there was a cover over the Dr Debug thing so... I got a screwdriver and started prying at it, and even grabbed pliers and tried to pry it off.
Do you think I damaged it and should I replace it?

Also, Should I return this motherboard, and if so should I repurchase the same motherboard or get a different one? If so, have any suggestions?
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  1. pictures would help greatly

    and i HIGHLY doubt anybody would take back a damaged board.......
  2. Well, They accepted it so, Obviously they will...
  3. who

    no warrenty covers physical got LUCKY....they gonna be mad when they realise
  4. What's the point of you commenting when you're of no help? Don't *** bricks asking how or why, It just happened. Live with it, It's not like it affects you in any way. Thanks
  5. not the moron who took pliers to my led......

    didnt return it did you...

    "holds out more troll food"

    i asked for a pic so i could assess the damage for you.......but you didnt wanna.....
  6. Why ask if you're damaged it if you're just going to return it anyway. What a complete waste of time.
  7. I didn't return it? They accepted the RMA after I explained it. Why don't we get someone in here that actually knows their stuff? Go cry more badtaylor.
  8. wow....hope nothing else goes wrong.......dont forget your hammer when you go to install you r cpu......

    How many more threads are you going to start about you indecisiveness about your motherboard choice??? .....stop seeking approval and just enjoy your rig........

  9. It's hard to enjoy it, especially when my SSD is drastically slowing down.
  10. model, size, and %filled???
  11. 830 Series Samsung, 128gb, and it's got 91gb left.
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