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I just put together a new computer. It ran for a few days using an older ATI card. When my EVGA GTX 560 ti returned from an RMA, I quickly plugged it into the mobo. After that, no more video. I switched back to the ATI card and I continued to have no video. The computer boots fine and plays the windows start sound. I can type in my password and hear Windows open. I can even run a program that had a shortcut on my desktop solely because I can remember where it was to double-click it. This is terribly frustrating.

I started with the video card installed. I tried taking it out and putting it back. I tried moving it to another slot. I tried multiple cards that I know work. Nothing. I tried just using the onboard graphics. I tried using DVI, VGA, VGA with DVI adapter. I tried all inputs. I tried clearing CMOS using the i/o port button. The power cables are all firmly in place. I do not understand why the new card made the video completely stop working. The computer boots fine in about 5 seconds (love those SSDs) but I can't see anything. Any help is super appreciated.

-ASRock Z77 Extreme4 MB

-i5-3570K 3.4ghz CPU

-EVGA GTX 560 ti GPU

-Vertx 4 OCZ 120gb sdd

-Corsair 850w PSU
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  1. reset CMOS internally then restart and press f4 to boot to safe mode then restore to last know good config. worked on my Z68 extreme 4 when I had same problem
  2. Tried it. Pressing f4 did not bring up anything I could see. Same blank screen/no signal to monitor.
  3. You could test the monitor on another system. Maybe the graphics card that was returned from RMA has messed up your monitor somehow.
  4. I tested the monitor on another system and it works. This is a really strange problem.
  5. did you remove the ati drivers before installing your 560ti? Try using the integrated intel graphics, and if it works, uninstall the ati software. Then use a program like driver sweeper to completely remove the registry files for ati.
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