New Build i7 2600k need motherboard

So right now Im looking to build a fairly extreme system. I personally don't think bulldozer is going to have anything to compete with the i7 2600k.

So im having a hard time between the


Any thoughts between the two ?

I am going to be running 2 Asus 6970 Direct CUII in crossfire as well.
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  1. I would also add ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 to your list. It has a good set of features and is well reviewed. So might be a good alternative, and the good thing about it, it's a standard ATX sized board.
  2. Is this a gaming build? If so, there's no reason not to go 2500K. The performance is basically the same in gaming, and the extra 100 or 200mhz that you might get with a 2600K won't matter on the level of 2x6970. I think you should only really go 2600K on 2x580 or above.
  3. Reason im going 2600k is because I do some stuff with VMware Workstation for work , so I want the threading for this. I just cant figure out what motherboard to get. Ive always bought EVGA mobos, but the Asus one has a lot of nice extra. Asrock im just not sure yet.... Ive never had any luck with brands outside of EVGA , ASUS, Corsair, MSI.
  4. Jeez, those are expensive motherboards. Why not get a
    at $125?
  5. ^sure
  6. I run a MSI Z68 series board myself with a i7 2600k with good results.
  7. Generally the reason for the more expensive mobo's is Overclocking stability and Expandability.
    So if you want triple graphics cards for example then those are starting to be worth it.

    The MSI Z68 G65 Gen3 has shown in tests to be an excellent stable overclocker, for someone who knows what they are doing.
    At a much lower price than the above 3 boards.
  8. IF you want 3xSLI. That's a pretty rare requirement.
  9. 3 way Crossfire is an option down the road I think. Not something im going to do right away. Ive never bought a motherboard for a high end computer build thats been below $200. It sounds like a semi noob thing to do for a system builder but I find most the time the motherboards are not "value" last x2 as long and designed much better.

    Ive come up with the following items so far

    Danger Den Black Series Tower 26 Case
    2 Corsair Force 120gig SSDs (To put in raid 0)
    1 2tb 5400 RPM Storage Drive
    Intel I7 2600k
    2 ASUS Direct CUii 6970's
    Corsair Dominator GT /w fan cooler 1866mhz

    and I already have an AX1200 power supply. So I just need a motherboard at this point. Its a toss up between the EVGA and the Asus one I think. I will never buy a gigabyte product in my life ever again after my 460gtx and x800xtx ive owned from them. Their QC is garbage.

    Lately I will save ive been looking at a pair of 570GTX instead of the 6970's but I run into the problem of using 4 Monitors I have now. I would have a buy a 3rd card just to run that 4th monitor and its not worth it. Im running 3 24 inch LCDs wide, then anther 24 inch LED LCD stacked on the middle one.
  10. Sounds like AMD lol. Too bad Nvidia doesn't have a good Eyefinity equivalent.
    Hold on. SSDs in RAID is just a waste. You'd do way better to just have two 120gb SSDs. 120 extra gigs is worth much more than the small performance increase you'll see from RAID SSDs.
    Well, if you want 3xSLI your options become much more limited. I believe the Extreme7 will do it well, as well as some EVGAs.
    A RAM cooler is a joke lol.
    Many Gig products do fine; I think you've just had bad luck. (My mobo is glowering at you.)
  11. lol, Yeah ive had pretty bad luck with Gigabyte, My x800xt died 4 times under warranty, after the 2nd time , I thought it was my power supply so I bought a new one, 2 weeks later my replacement did the same thing. About this same time last year I bought the sweet two fan gigabyte 460gtx oc, and the thing did nothing but overheat and bluescreen in a coolermaster HAF 932. Sent that one back, and the next one lasted for about two weeks before one of the fans stopped working so Ive decided to be done with them.

    Really don't think a pair of 120gig SSDs in raid 0 are worth it vs just a 240gig - 260gig SSD? Thats rather interesting actually because it seems like gaming loading times would improve from that a lot.

    I was reading today that the 680gtx will be able to support up to 5 monitors (kepler) which would be nice, something Nvidia is really lacking right now, kind of a disappointment because ive had my eyes on that Asus Maxtrix Plat 580gtx now for awhile.

    The ram cooler is just to make it look finished inside of that danger den case :D Have to have some flash!
  12. Plenty of flash with that thing.
    No, I think having more data off magnetic storage is better than having less of it access a little faster.
  13. Build with one monitor before you run with 5.

    I am surprised you go through so many psu's. I generally get 5-8 years service out of each PSU. And the previous three that died were disposed of and the remaining two are still good in the parts box but insufficient wattage to be worth a damn.

    MSI board should have a OC Genie button which will give you a decent safe overclock that works. Mine is on all the time and I have had no issues. It's good for people like me who tend to overvolt stuff and fry em.
  14. $289.99
    ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard <----- A better look at that board <----- PCI-E 3.0 for the new generation vid cards and supported by Ivy Bridge due out next spring <----- Z68 Features <----- Review of that board with benchmarks,3025.html <----- Review of that board done here on Toms last won "Tom’s Hardware Best Enthusiast-Class Award"
  15. rvilkman said:
    I would also add ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 to your list. It has a good set of features and is well reviewed. So might be a good alternative, and the good thing about it, it's a standard ATX sized board.

    I just bought this board for my new 2600K build. I dig the 2x16 PCI-E and the semi future proof PCI-E 3 and Ivy possibilities, and that's in addition to the rest of board's excellent qualities.
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