3D Monitor or BIGGER monitor for dual-LCD setup?

Hello everyone,

I currently have dual-monitor setup with a Hannspree 28" 1920x1200 as my primary and a Samsung 20" 1600x1200 in portrait orientation as my secondary. Sadly, my Samsung is on its way out, so it's time for a new monitor.

My initial thought was to get a second 28" Hannspree, since I'd get identical color properties and I wouldn't have to deal with annoying resolution scaling and different panel heights when I drag a window from one screen to the next. However, I'm starting to consider getting a 22 or 23 inch 120hz LCD instead, with a 3d vision kit from nVidia. I have 2 GTX 480s in SLI, so it's definitely tempting...

The second 28" would cost me $275-$300, and the 22"-23" 3D monitor with the glasses kit would set me back almost $400. I'm having a hard time justifying an extra $100 for a significantly smaller panel, especially when I don't know if 3D gaming (or at least nVidia's present version) is a gimmicky, headache inducing fad that will leave me with a fancy monitor and few games to use it with. So, what would you do? Is 3D worth it?
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  1. As an owner of the Hannspree, I would rather have two of them than a 3D monitor. After seeing a 3D movie recently, I wouldn't want anything 3D.
  2. ^If In my own experience, no, 3D is not worth it. I have both 3 monitor set-up & 3D setup on 3D TV. I use the 3-monitor setup for gaming 99% of the time.

    You will be better off with investing in 3 monitor set-up & play surround vision. It will even have more value for productivity. But of course you have to spend around $550 to $600. But what the heck? You got 2x480 so I'm sure you can afford it. :)
  3. Hehe, I wish I could afford it. I'm starting college in 2 weeks, and money is going to be tight. I got the 480s in a robotics competition :D The $400 3d setup would be pushing it, which is why I want to know if it's REALLY worth it.
  4. ^That's too bad.
    But anyway, I stick to my opinion that its not worth it. I have the 55" Samsung C7000 3D TV and I can not get myself to play 3D on it for long time. The game is stunning to look at but to play long period at a time is not comfortable with the heavy 3D glasses pressing on my nose (unfortunately, I have to wear the 3D glasses over my eyeglasses) and strain in my eyes. I prefer to watch movies which last 2hours on average and it doesn't strain my eyes & my nose as much.
  5. Do you find that the constant re-focusing due to the depth of field produces eyestrain? Or is it just the discomfort from the glasses themselves?
  6. The Hannspree 28" is fairly old tech. Still uses a CCF backlight, and has a fairly wide bezel which does impact side by side viewing a little.

    I would look for a more current generation 24-28" monitor if I was buying one now and use the current Hannspree as the secondary monitor.
  7. The one issue I have with that is that the Hannspree has a 1920x1200 resolution, and pretty much every other 28" LCD I've found in the same price range has a 1920x1080 resolution. Does anyone know a 28" led backlit monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio that doesn't cost a fortune?
  8. thepcphysician said:
    Do you find that the constant re-focusing due to the depth of field produces eyestrain? Or is it just the discomfort from the glasses themselves?

    It may be. Looking at games even in just normal screen is already eye straining with constant changing of scenes as you move the mouse around. If you are in a fight, the screen movement is even more & your eyes need to focus & refocus. The 3D just add to that...
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