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I just did a fresh install of Win 7 on my brand new SSD. My first install was fine, everything went according to plan. This one has been riddled with problems, however. I am faced with one last task before it is complete, and that is being able to use all of my RAM.

I have already checked the boot configuration and made sure that there was not a maximum limit put on my RAM.

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Help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Sorry if the screen shot is too small. It is my first time posting a screen shot
  2. bump please, still have the same problem
  3. The screenshot is too small, is it 32 or 64 bit Windows 7?
  4. What exactly is the question, that Win7 isn't showing you all 8GB's? If so, check to make sure that when you boot in bios it is recognized. If not check to make sure you placed it in right, some boards are strange. If its in the right place and everything, you might have a dud. RMA it and get a new set.
  5. From another Thread you posted I found the following; ref - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/321984-30-cant-create-bootable-drive-power

    MOBO - http://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/970%20Extreme4/?cat=Specifications

    fx 4100
    radeon 6850
    8 gb gskill ram
    500 gb hdd
    asrock extreme4 970 mobo

    Q - What exact kit of G.SKILL? Please provide a link.

    Okay chances are a bad stick of RAM. I assume the RAM is installed in the White DIMM slots and you've tried re-seating the RAM.

    Try booting with (1) stick at a time, and swap the (1) stick out for the other and repeat.
    CPU: | blank | 4GB | blank | blank |

    Assuming the White slots CPU: | blank | 4GB | blank | 4GB | => try the Blue DIMM slots CPU: | 4GB | blank | 4GB | blank | to rule-out a bad DIMM slot.


    To create a bootable Flash Drive; see - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcSVVPbzIno
  6. It is Gskill Ripjaws RAM; just a name brand. Also, i was under the previous impression that i was running my ram in dual channel mode because i have not moved my ram (meaning from slot to slot) since i built it. I dont know why, but my previous configuration no longer reads as dual channel. So, i had to switch the slots. Now i have all 8 GBs as usable memory....

    I hope that this problem doesnt persist, because i will not be able to upgrade my ram in the future. Also, i have 64 bit windows
  7. Each color represents one slot of each channel. Also if the RAM is poorly seated then not all of the DIMM contacts are made and the BIOS will shutdown a stick to avoid errors in the OS.

    Glad to hear you've got all 8GB! :)
  8. Not sure what motherboard you have, but for my AMD system I go to 'Advanced Chipset Setup' in the BIOS and select 'Ganged' mode to enable dual channel.

    Also when installing memory always refer to the manual so you know which slots to install the memory to first. If you are filling all slots it shouldn't matter, but if you are filling 1 or 2 slots out of 4 then you should refer to the manual to avoid problems.
  9. Either You've seated a stick improperly, or if it's a new build, you could have a bad stick of RAM.
  10. White slots, 2nd and 4th from CPU are the initial slots for dual channel. To test one module at a time, you use the second slot from the CPU.

    Dual channel is automatically enabled as long as you have memory in the same color slots.

    Ganged mode combines the two 64-bit buses into a single 128-bit bus. The idea is to maximize memory throughput with the two channels, but most applications can not benefit from the single 128-bit bus. Consequently, unganged mode is preferred, as it allows the two 64-bit memory buses independent access to each channel. Since most CPUs are multi-core and support hyperthreading, this generally maximizes performance and makes multitasking much smoother. This is why Intel has gone with triple channel, quad channel, rather than combining buses.

    Ganged or unganged, if memory is fully populated in a certain color of slots (such as white in this case), it is still dual channel.

    Thank you
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