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Toshiba Sat Pro 6100 - How to Buy at $1400

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August 24, 2002 7:45:44 PM

quote :
I am selling the list of wholesale distibutors not the actual laptops.
The Ebay powersellers buy the products from these wholesale distributors at cheap price and resell them at higher price on Ebay.

You can do it too. You can purchase Brand New Pentium 4 2GHz Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 or Tecra 9100 at wholesale price ($1400) and sell it for hundreds more, or keep it for yourself.

This is absolutely not a junk list that you can find and buy at cheap price on Ebay.

My wholesale list is for $15.99 and contains most accurate information about wholesale distributors for Notebooks, PC systems, Computer Hardware and Software, Electronics, etc.

In addition, you will get informed how to set up accounts with distributors.

The wholesale list is for only $15.99

No shipping and handling fee because I will send this list via email.

I accept payment via Paypal, Ebay payment, money order, and cashier's check.

Again, you have nothing to lose.

If you don't want to wait for the auction to end, just send $15.99 to either through Paypal or Ebay payment.

The list will be sent to your email address within 24 hours after your payment has been made


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August 24, 2002 11:05:17 PM

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August 25, 2002 6:44:54 PM

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just wanna know if anybody knows more about this offer ...