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I'm using internet connnection sharing and so have two network cards in my main computer. Problem is WindowsME is using the same IRQ for both cards and the other computers in my network are not reliably connecting through my main computer. I clicked change setting to assign a different IRQ for one of the cards in Device Manager but Windows won't let me. It pops an error message up saying "this resource setting cannot be modified." Any ideas on how I can change the IRQ would be appreciated.
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  1. Go into your BIOS, find the option that says "Plug and Play OS", disable it, then right below you should be able to choose IRQs for the PCI slots. Or, if you can't anywhere in the BIOS, it'll let you change the IRQs in Windows.

    This won't work for older MBs, but if you have WinME, I'm assuming you have a pretty new computer/MB.

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  2. I disabled the pnpos in the bios and chose manual settings for irq's but the bios didnt let me choose irq's for the pci cards. All it let me do then was choose legacy isa or pnp/pci for each of the irq's. Window's still won't let me change the irq in device manager either. I'm running windows ME and have the latest version of Award bios.
  3. What motherboard do you have?

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  4. try changing slots around for the cards - don't put them in adjacent slots.

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  5. MSI k7t pro 6330. The network cards are not in adjacent slots.
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