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I have Gateway w/pII-233, 64megs ram,realtek 10/100 pci fast ethernet network adapter,10baseT hub on which I cannot keep the driver working on. Every week it seems the system cannot find the driver. My son has a n Integra 200mhzoverdrive pentiumw/128 megs edo ram and has no problems. What's up? How do I fix? Also win98 upgrade does not have internet sharing. Anyone know a simple way to install it. Tried getting it from Win98SE but no luck.
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  1. XSV..I'm not a network pro, After a couple of days I've finally got my new network Dlink 530+ 10/100 fast ethernet talking to each other. I'll pass on a few things that I've learned in the process.
    1. Use NIC's that match, ie 2 DLinks or 3Com NIC's.
    2. I have The full Windows 98 (not an upgrade)
    3. Windows 98 will automatically configure your IP's.
    4. The directions that came with my network left much to be desired.
    5. I'm still having some problems getting some games running (Starcraft).
    6.Having a network is certainly worth the effort.You can find a lot of helpful info on the web.
  2. xsv_speed: "...which I cannot keep the driver working on" - Does this mean Windows does not list the card in the hardware properties (or device manager) window or that it keeps asking you for the installation disks?

    To install ICS: Close all open windows, hit [F1] to open windows help, search for "internet connection sharing". Look for something called "internet connection sharing wizzard" in the returned results. Open it. It may ask you for your upgrade CD.

    Beware: ICS will slow down your computer.

    alwayslearning: Starcraft uses the IPX/SPX protocol; make sure that this protocol is installed and bound to your network card as well as the TCP/IP protocol.

    When you open network properties (right click on network neighbourhood icon and click properties) it should list:
    - Client for Microsoft Networks
    - Microsoft Family Logon (*optional*)
    - Dial-Up Adapter (*for dial-up internet access only*)
    - (*Your Ethernet*) Adapter
    - TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter (*for dial-up internet access only*)
    - TCP/IP -> (*Your Ethernet*) Adapter
    - IPX/SPX -> (*Your Ethernet*) Adapter (*optional*)
    - File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks (*optional*)

    To speed up boot time you can also assign an IP address to each computer by highlighting "TCP/IP -> (*Your Ethernet*) Adapter" in the above menu and picking properties. This should open a new window with the "IP address" tab in the foreground. Pick "Specify an IP address". Give the first computer on your network an address of, the second, the third, etc... Set all the subnet masks to:

    Write down the previous settings before changing anything in case something goes wrong.

    - JW
  3. Thanks JCLW. I logged on to the Blizzard web page and downloaded the instructions to install the IPX protocol. Appreciate your assistance, you must be a pro, your guidelines replicated what I got from Blizzard. Take care and have a Happy New Year...
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