Connecting E30000 to another Access point and bridge

I have just connected the Linksys E3000 to my cable modem and works well. Now I need to get the wireless signal to the other end of the house. I have a Netgear RangeMax WNR3500 V2 router. Can I set that up as a repeater or Access point from the E3000?
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  1. You might have to update you firmware from DD-WRT. It will allow you to use the router as a bridge repeater.
  2. Emerald said:
    You might have to update you firmware from DD-WRT. It will allow you to use the router as a bridge repeater.

    Thanks Emerald, as you can see I am a newb! I have had the E3000 for 24 hours and it is running as hot as hell - do you mean I use the update firmware for the Netgear or for the Linksys E3000? Sorry for being so specific, I just don't want to screw up.

    I am not impressed with the E3000, the signal strength is weak and no external arial connection. After I have flashed the (E3000 or Netgear) router, are there any step by step instructions that make it clear for a newb to follow to get the netwrok extended. I have spent hours trying to figure it out. I also have Netcomm NP121 device build specificall for this purpose only the instructions do not result in what it is meant to do and there are so many IP addreses and security keys I end up in a real mess.

  3. Emerald said:
    You might have to update you firmware from DD-WRT. It will allow you to use the router as a bridge repeater.

    HELP!! I believe I now have a "Brick Wall" between me and the Netgear 3500 v2. I downloaded the Netgear WNR3500 v2 Firmware: Special File for initial flashing dd-wrt.v24-14896_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-WNR3500v2.chk logged into the router, went to update firmware, loaded and waited. The power light went amber and the ethernet port number remained green. And the browser could not reload after the progress bar at the top had completed.

    I waited several minutes and then followed instructions to do a hard reset. The factory hard reset button does not work. When I press it and hold it nothing happens. I have powered off and on and now have no access to the router through

    However, on the Wireless Networks in my Network Centre their is a DD-WRT I can wirlessly connect and that brings up a browser page, however when ever I attempt to update time or features in goes to a browser page that says cannot access page.

    Can anyone help please!
  4. Emerald said:
    You might have to update you firmware from DD-WRT. It will allow you to use the router as a bridge repeater.

    :o WOW!!! :bounce: The 30 - 30 - 30 rule does apply. I did the 30/30/30 and waited and waited. Turned off, turned on and "Amazing" I now have the wireless blue light, the power green light and the ethernet connection. I can progress to setting up the Netgear as a repeater for the Linksys E3000.

    Now where are the instructions to do that? :pt1cable:
  5. Emerald said:

    Thanks again Emerald, I had discovered through searching the very tutorial you point to. I have also found the Youtube video that does the same. I have gone through and followed all instructions (twice) and I keep getting 'Other Network' is the wireless networks available after completing the Bridge setup first and then the Repeater Bridge setup.

    I have gone back reset factory defaults on both modems and sat with two laptops and gone through and set each primary router and secondary up sincronising the steps and still end up with 'Other Network' for the secondary Repeater Bridge.

    When I attempt to connect the the 'Other Network' I am asked for the name of the SSID so I type in the name that is consistant with both Primary and Secondary and then it asks for the Security Pass Phrase and I enter what is common on all machines and then it sits there trying to connect.

    While it is attempting to connect, I can actually get onto the internet and view pages in the browser, then after a few minutes, a message comes up saying, Connection has taken too long, and it has a Troubleshooter link to click, which does nothing to solve the issue.

    I have gone back to using the Cisco E3000 alone and have 1 Bar strength at the end of the house which drops out every now and then.

    I will persist. I know it is something simple. If we could post jpeg files I would take snaps of each page in the router and show what I have done.

    Thanks again.
  6. Emerald said:

    I just wanted to let you know that after a week of trying every set of tutorials and youtube videos, I have flashed the Netgear 3500v2 back the original and have instant WiFi access and repeater using Netcomm NP121. The Cisco E3000 is a piece of *%#$ and has next to no coverage.

    The E3000 could not reach outside one room into the second room without disconnecting and dropping signals and package. It will be the last time I ever buy Linksys or Cisco products.

    As for DD-WRT, well some very good work for the people who do it, but too complex and too many instructions that make it difficult for the average noob to deal with.

    Keep up the good work, and when there is a very stable 100% simple step by step process to set up that works, I might be interested.

    Thanks, it has been a long sleepless week.
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