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Hello All,

I'm about to embark on my first build. It's pretty confusing out there for a newbie and I'm looking for some down to earth advice. I am NOT A GAMER. My main uses will be software development with a decent amount of multitasking. I will watch videos but not edit. My budget ~$700 but if that's unrealistic (or overkill) please let me know. Does anyone have any spec suggestions. I know this is a very general question and I'm sure it's been asked before but, still, I couldn't find a really relevant thread.

Thanks a lot
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  1. Welcome to the forums! How much storage space do you need? I'll configure a whole computer if you'll put it together! :)
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  3. ^955, I'd say. It overclocks almost as well if you need processing power, and it'll be plenty without OCing if you don't. You could also look at less-expensive processors, if you don't need the power and want to keep $60. What kind of software development will you be doing?
    Also, the Spinpoint F3 drive is well reviewed.
    Without a graphics card (and therefore without heat issues), you could look into all sorts of interesting case setups, if that's your style. Check out Newegg's Mini-ITX offerings:
    These tend to be slightly more expensive than standard ATX cases.
  4. I have always found your computer will perform better using even a modest GPU - sharing on board ram always slows down your system. If you can afford more - get more - you will be happier with it longer.
  5. "Perform better" in what way, though? For coding and media viewing? Not really.
  6. Well say the graphics card uses 4gb of the shared ram. He still has 4gb's of system ram. Who cares lol. Save him 50 bucks. That was the cheapest i could get a decent computer im trying to have him help me make it more to his needs not make it unnecisarily expensive.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I should also have mentioned that I intend to install Linux on the machine. My code will probably be processor intensive relative to your standard web browsing and word processing usage but nothing like high end gaming. I'm looking for the ability to upgrade later (so, for example, I don't want a socket that's being phased out) but for now the specs really don't have to be bleeding edge.
  8. Well if thats all you doing that computer is less than 400. Get a decent monitor and you can do whatever you want.

    Good Luck and have a great day!
  9. Go for an AM3+ mobo, then. It should let you upgrade the CPU from the 955 in a while.
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  11. Just for comparison, how about Intel builds?
  12. If you went 2500K, you'd have Intel HD 3000, which isn't terrible. It won't run you any games, but it's decent. You'd also have a beastly CPU. This probably isn't worth doing, though, unless you really need the power. You haven't really specified what you're doing - do you have a reason to need it? Using most of yoyo's parts:
    -$035 case
    -$021 burner
    -$045 PSU
    -$045 RAM
    -$045 HDD
    -$220 2500K
    -$025 heatsink, probably. The 2500K will handle minor overclocks very easily when you need it to, in a couple of years (or if you ever decide to put it into a gaming machine lol), and if you keep its temperatures down it'll probably last longer. This can be done without, though.
    That's $436.
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