Which is faster for gaming GTS 450 vs GTX 460

Many said that GTX 460 is better than GTS 450? whats your OPINION which is faster for gaming?
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  1. Which version of GTX 460 are you thinking of?
    There are 3: 1GB, 768MB and SE (under-clocked).

    But in any case, the GTX should be better.
  2. This will give you an idea of the performance difference:

    The GTX 460:

    The GTS 450:

    The difference is pretty substantial. In the case of BFBC2 your looking at a 50%+ performance advantage with the GTX 460. That's just one example.
  3. 460 by a long shot
  4. The name itself suggests it. The GTX 460 beats a GTS 450. Even if the GTX 460 is a 768 MB version, SOC edition, 1GB version,
    it beats the GTS 450 by a mile.
    GTS 450,2734.html
    GTX 460,2684.html
  5. i m using a EVGA gtx 460 OC edition without any problems works likes a charm and i dont even have to care about setting i just max them and they works with good fps :D
  6. There's a reason for the 460 being a higher number than 450 lol. (Hint: it's faster)
  7. yep the gtx460 is better but the 450 is good too
  8. That's like asking who's taller, Shaq or Kobe. There is no opinion, there is a measurable difference.
  9. "whats your OPINION which is faster for gaming?" - its not an OPINION, it is a FACT that the gtx460 is faster in every way. In the worst circumstance that its bottlenecked by a 2.8ghz single core pentium 4 D running at 1024x768 resolution the 460 would still be faster in some games. Although i would not advise that setup.
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