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Can this psu and graphics card fit in my dell xps 7100?

graphics card:


i was wondering if those two parts would fit inside the dell xps 7100 and its normal case that it comes with because ive heard that the 6870 is rather lengthy and idk how well what types of psu's would fit in my computer either so some personal experiences would be nice but ill take any answers thanks!!
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  1. Measure the dell case, from the port side to the edge of the hardrive cage.
  2. its about 17"
  3. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    The PSU will fit because it is an ATX. However, please consider a better brand like Corsait, Seasonic, Antec.

    I will check on the graphics card.
  4. do you know of any psu's that around that same price that you would recommend? and thank you!
  5. Best answer ($75 after rebate) ($83 after rebate) ($50 after rebate)

    Regarding the graphics card, watch this video:

    The graphics card that you are considering is 10.3" long and after watching the video it looks like it will fit. However, please measure inside the computer with the side cover removed and power OFF.
  6. thanks a bunch!! :)
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  8. Thank you!
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