Getting a new PSU, only want a 500 maybe 550watt, anyone want to pick a good one

current specs are:
H-I41-uATX (Eton) motherboard (not demanding)
intel pentium E5500 dual-core 2.8ghz
4gb ram
and just got a diamond radeon hd 6770 (minimum psu says 450watt, but I'd like to be safe with 500 at least)

Budget is roughly 60$ I know cheap but I'm also spending 60$ on a new case.

Just having a hard time finding one, and I don't wanna screw myself with a crap brand.
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  1. Here ya go get this, seasonic one of best makes of psu for quality and reliability.
  2. With those specs a 380 watt psu would be safe
    500w will set you up for some expansion
  3. thanks, I guess I missed that while on newegg earlier.
  4. Yep another very good psu, seasonic internals may i add.
  5. my current psu is 250watt, which powers everything atm jsut fine, I'll basically be powering the graphics card
  6. just buy either psu, worth getting good psu with plenty headroom, better to have psu at 20% load than sitting at 80% load. 500w gives you plenty headroom for graphic card upgrade or even whole system upgrade.
  7. bwf1975 said:
    Yep another very good psu, seasonic internals may i add.

    No, it's CWT inside, not as good ( IMO ) but a good deal with the promos at Newegg and more than those specs need
  8. really, lol. as above poster said both great and do fine job. :)
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