Netgear Router not sharing internet connection help

Ok here's the problem. 2 PC's in different rooms, 1 Netgear wireless modem router, 1 adsl broadband connection.

The Netgear modem router is model DG834G v2, fairly old one now.

First computer connected via LAN, 2nd computer connected via wireless. Both communicate with the Netgear fine.

The problem I have is that I cant see to use the internet on both simultaneously. If I'm just accessing the internet via wiresless all is well, but the second I start accessing the internet from the first computer connected via LAN, it knocks out the connection to the wireless. The wireless part is still connected fine it just knocks out the internet access.

Could this be down to some ip conflict sharing or something between the computers?

I cant seem to figure out whats causing this. There is a global workgroup name for the router, and both computers have different computer names. They're both running XP Pro as well.

The Netgear has been flashed with the latest firmware.

Any thoughts?
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  1. do both have different local IPs?
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