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Ok so I have 8 gigs of ram but in my task manager only shows 4, also in cpu-z tells me I have 8 gigs of virtual ram, I feel like i should have a little better performance in games and such with 8 gigs, Also cpu-z tells me my ram is 667mhz, when the ram I have is 1600( Im not sure if it underclocks my ram when its not needed or what, I know both ram sticks work, Ive tried them individually, is there something i need to do in order for my ram to be fully utilized? And Im running Windows 7 64bit

Computer specs(idk if they are needed though):
amd fx-6100
radeon 7770 ghz ghost edition
8gb Corsair Vengeance
250g hdd
ASUS M5A97 R2.0
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  1. If you understood the workings of the system buss you wouldn't be concerned plus you have dual channel ram which means 2x667mhz, so your ram is running at 1333mhz.
    8gb is more then enough for gaming since games use very little ram, of the 8gb that you have you will not use more tha 5gb while gaming. You can have 16gb of ram installed and the computer will still only use not more than the 5gb of ram.
    You cannot force your computer to use all 8gb of ram just because that's what you have installed and you want all 8gb to be utilized.
    The single most important component for gaming is the video card and it's what makes the most difference in performance , the second most important component is the cpu and by overclocking it you can see a difference in the gaming performance.
    Ram is only a holding tank for the data and files that are being used by the cpu and those files and data is prefetched from the hard drive to the ram and held there for fast access by the cpu. It's faster for the cpu to use data from the ram then having to go to the hard drive and get it.
  2. Thank you for the quick response, I think I have horribly mis-worded my question, My whole reason about posting this was that Im trying to play GTA 4 with this ENB mod(Realism Mod, Greatly Increases Quality) and when I go to turn the render up, it tells me I have gone over the game's recommended memory which is set at 999, Then thats what got me to asking my original question thinking that if I had 8gb of ram i would have 1998 rather than 999. Is any part of that right?
  3. There is a lot going on here with the special setting your talking about and to me the whole thing comes down to what is the 999 and what does the message mean when it says it's gone over the games recomended memory which is set at 999.
    Does this mean that there is a setting within the game where you can adjust the memory setting?
    If you go to the start memu and right click on computer and select properties when the window opens does the installed memory say 8gb?
    There is also the question of video ram and the amount of memory that is on your video card. This memory that is on your video card is directly used in the resolution of the display and this message could be talking about the mhz that the memory is running at on the video card, you may just have to bump that mhz up a bit.
    I don't have enough information about this special setting for the game to tell you what the message means and to which memory it is referring to.
    I'm pretty sure that if you have 8gb installed then you have 8gb to use. When you say that the task manager sys you only have 4gb where in the task manager does it say that?
    When I open up the task manager and select the performance tab the top section where the bar graph is shows the cpu usage and under that the next bar graph shows the memory usage. Under that shows the installed memory , cached memory , available memory and free memory. So in that section your saying it says 4 gb installed?
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