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How to get my Razer Electra to work on PC?

I just bought the Razer Electra a few hours ago (It was on sale so why not?). I wanted to test the mic on Skype but then I found out that it's not compatible with PCs. It was my fault for not reading the back more carefully but the fact that the headset said it's a "Gaming and music headset" was pretty misleading... it says that the cord with the in-line mic is only compatible with iPods, Blackberrys, iPhones, etc. I don't really see how that a mic would help gaming on those devices but okay...Anyways, the other cord is the one that is compatible with almost everything else. It is just a cord that is meant for quality music. I did some research up on this to see if I can somehow get the mic to work on PCs and I found this. "The inline microphone will only work if your PC has a single combined audio-out/line-in 3.5mm jack. If your PC does not have such a jack, you will need to purchase a splitter adapter at your local electronics dealer." I didn't understand this but I don't really care about conceiving the knowledge, I was just wanted to know what this "splitter adapter" is and where I can purchase one. If there are any other methods of getting this headset with the mic cord to work, please elaborate =)
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    Oh, ok. That's a little nasty on the part of Razer (a surprise to me), but no problem. You need an adapter that takes the one 3.5mm jack on your headphones, which carries the signals for both the microphone and headphones (microphone to the computer and headphone signal from the computer, of course), and splits it into two separate plugs. One of these carries the signal from the microphone, and the other carries the signal to the headphones.
    Combined mic/phone plug (note the three bands, separating the regions for ground, right, left and mono microphone):
    Simple stereo plug (two bands, separating, ground, right and left):
    What's nasty is that Razer didn't include the required splitter. I believe most gaming headsets either come with a splitter or simply have one built in: their wires split without any extra parts.

    tl;dr: This is the adapter you need.
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  3. Thank you very much! Explained more than I asked for =) Now I just have to find where I can get that splitter.
  4. No; that's one that splits a single audio signal into two of the same signal.
    You need something that goes
    from 3.5mm combined mono mic and stereo audio, female
    to one 3.5mm mono microphone male
    and one 3.5mm stereo audio male.
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