Intel BOXDH67BL three long beep memory error

This is extremely frustrating, particularly since I'm not sure whether it's a memory issue or a motherboard issue. I have a DH67BL motherboard on which I'm trying to install 4 Kingston KVR1333D3N9H 4 gb sticks. One stick always works; two usually works but not always; three almost never works; four never works.

With 2 or more it will frequently not post and just keep beeping three times. I have to reseat the RAM to maybe get it working but that doesn't always work.

The extremely frustrating part is I was worried about memory compatible so bought these sticks precisely because they had been tested:

Motherboard specs:

One thing I'm thinking is it might be because the memory is the small profile type, which Intel says has issues:

Anyone run into this problem? Or have any suggestions? I'm thinking I'll have to either replace the motherboard or replace the memory (about the same price, so I'll probably replace the memory so I don't have to take everything out of the case). Or does this sound like a fault with the motherboard itself?
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  1. I am not sure here but I believe we are looking at two different uses of the term "low profile". The low profile ram I believe Intel is referring to is like this (near the bottom is a comparison picture)
    Whereas yours is considered low profile only because it does not sport massive horns for heatsinks... not that it helps your problem at all.
    I would contact Kingston at this point - your motherboard is on that ram's compatability list. I have heard (I have not dealt with them myself) that they will work with you to make sure you get your ram working right - they have a lifetime warranty - if it isn't the ram, they should be able to help figure that also
  2. Thanks for the advice, good call on contacting Kingston, didn't even think of it and you are right, it is listed as supported on their website. I do think it is real low profile memory, it looks like the smaller of the one on the web page you linked to, and the memory chip parts of the board are definitely smaller than other memory sticks I've seen.

    Thanks again!
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