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I just build a computer its working fine accept when i logon and bring up speccy immediately after boot it tells me that my hard drive is 50 degrees Celsius and my CPU graphics card and mother board are all near or above forty degrees, when i was transferring a gig worth of data speccy continued to tell me that my CPU was 60 degrees my hard drive was 70 degrees and graphics card was 50 degrees i don't understand what is happening a friend of mine who built a computer with the same CPU and mother board reads his CPU temp after boot and while doing other things as no more than 30 degrees through speccy i have three fans in my case and i even tried running the computer with the case open with no change in temperature according to speccy i just don't know what is happening can anyone help me
Im just worried that i might damage something running it at these temperatures

Plus the air coming out of the exhaust fans isn't even warm let alone that hot any help would be appreciated
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  1. Use HWMonitor for a second opinion. It is very likely that Speccy is not reading your system sensors reliably.
  2. check your temps in bios
    maybe a software error.
    Try latest version of hwinfo32 or hwmonitor
    old version often show wrong reading of new hardware
  3. what cpu and motherboard do u have
  4. ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Motherboard and an i5 2500k
  5. one of my friends has an idea could the mobo be reading temps in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius any input on that
  6. 7C is 32+1.8*7 or 44.6F. That's a warm winter's day, far below ambient room temp (which varies from 68F to 77F, 20C to 25C). Thus, Fahrenheit and Celsius conversions are not to blame.
  7. no but while speccy reads my cpu as 40 degrees the bios reads it at 75 degrees i was thinking that maybe if the bios is reading in Fahrenheit than maybe speccy cant read the temperature properly at all and is getting some warped readings
  8. how else can cpu start up at 55 degrees
  9. unless some of the thermal monitors on my motherboard were damaged perhaps even a manufacturing error
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