Shop fast plz grades are droping!

hello every one i have a little problem my motherboard died so heres the problem
funding of $100$ the cpu's i have are old heres the models

Intel 04
Pentium 4
524 sl9ca Malay

amd Athlon 64
lebaf 0632eag

so either i get a 775 socket and not upgrade for a long time same with the amd, i could get a mid grade board and CPU or just get the board and wait 3-4 mouths till i get some money (which will drive me crazy as i only have a crap0matic 1.7 MHz enough said) i also have some ram but its all ddr2 (2 2gig stick, 1 1gig stick, 2 512 sticks.) hard drives are sata I'm not attached to any of this hardware so I'm willing to sell the ram etc,so if you guys can come up with some buying plans perhaps some links to parts that would be great.

thank you for you time and effort and i am really sorry about the bad grammar
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  1. Not to be nosey but this is extremely ghetto... What da deal?

    Your question is hard too understand... both of your situations seem a bit... well bad? I'd say do what cost you least and then buy a bloody new pc.
  2. Yes i kow its ghetto but i only have the hundred and i need power for school, if i just get a new pc then there will be no foods!
  3. How powerful of a computer do you need? Like what types of activities will you need to be doing?
  4. 3d modeling, photoshop, and compiling a lot of code at once. have you heard of hero engine that's what me and some class mates are using for a project. also i would like to run some newer games.
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