Updating bios with unsupported cpu?

Good morning, i would like to know if its possible to update the bios from MOBO to turn the cpu supportable, as i have P8H61-M LE REV 3.0 ready for 22nm cpus i don't know the bios version that it has at the moment as it is in the box yet and i havea intel pentium G860 to put in it. Is it possible to have the cpu working with teh mobo having a lower version of bios needed for this cpu till i get teh 0607 version? or cnan i update it right away to 4102 (the latest bios udpate available on asus site?
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  1. The g680 should post fine. I use that board. bios file 0603 is required, which is one of the early versions. Mine came with the 4401. You need a usb flash drive for updating the bios. If your board works fine with it's current bios, I don't recommend updating it. Bad flashes can happen anytime. I've had it happen two or three times in twenty years of building. When it happens, asus has a bad flash recovery program, but it only works on some boards, and I've never tried it. In any case, if you don't flash it right away, save your old cpu so you can when you update to a faster one later.
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