Asus motherboard no display no beep

asus motherbord no dispaly no beep
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Going to direct you to this sticky
    good luck
  2. The problem with the "sticky" is that many of the steps apply only to brand-new installs, not new problems with motherboards that were working before.
  3. Many of the troubleshooting tips do apply though whether new build or other.
    And the fact that is was working and now isn't, is helpful information. More helpful may be specs and the last thing that was done successfully on the computer (before it decided not to start)
  4. if it worked fine then stop working i would start by having the power supply tested or swapping in a know good one. if it wont post then i would bare bone the pc no cards and one stick of ram to see if the mb will give a cmos beep code.
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