Graphics section down for anyone else?

Is it just me or is the gfx section down at the moment, was the same last night.
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  1. The subsections work, you just can't go to the root forum section.
  2. Ah, that does work to a degree although posting is a bit screwed at the moment.
  3. They killed Homebuilt Systems now.
  4. Yep i posted several replies this morning and now they seem to have gone, dont know whats going on as said subsections work but posts come up with error message. I logged back into the graphics sub section and my replies were there but just logged in again and they are not there ???

  5. Hi,

    I see, since it says "temporarily" I'm hoping it will resolve itself soon. If not, I will report the bug. I don't think anyone will be there to look at it until Monday anyway, otherwise, for such a major issue, I'd report now.

  6. CPUs and Components root section is down now too. We're losing them all :??:

    EDIT: Oh dear, it also tells you the site is unavailable when you post, although the post is still successful. Problem is that people are double and triple posting because they don't realise the first one worked...
  7. I post, then just go back to original post after the message, someitmes my post is already there, sometimes not, but when I re-enter the section, its there, but no flags. I noticed the flags were messing up a few days ago also. And have been since. This was before we lost sections
  8. Yes, sometimes a post doesn't show up until you refresh. The comments on articles are the same. It's an intermittent issue that one. It happens with quick edits sometimes too, where an edit won't show until you refresh. That's likely an AJAX issue.
  9. I think that tomshardware is slowly dieing.
  10. Anyone know when they changed people's titles?

    Did i miss that or something?
  11. I just noticed it a few minutes ago. I saw Tom's Wannabe under Successful_troll's avatar and thought it was a unique or something. Then I saw all these Tom's Regulars.
  12. I was quite partial to my forum gigolo title *sniff*
  13. I think I was just a resident. Not particularly interesting.
  14. Hi,

    The sections have been fixed.

    As for the rankings, please see this post:

  15. Why is the link so old ? Personally i don't come here to score points, i come here to try and help people and keep up with whats new.
    However i find it hard to understand how its even remotely possible that i have 3450 posts and only 836 points ???
    Even at 4 points a post for just answering a thread that's at least 13800.

    So whats going on and why mess with something that didn't need messing with, and provides no benefit to anyone. ? Are you now run by Microsoft ?
    New users still need to look at the same place as the post count to see these new points and personally i see very little point in the change.

    Mactronix :)
  16. Hmm,

    I actually don't know. I was under the impression that one point was going to be assigned for each historical post. Clearly, that isn't what happened. I'll try to find out the answers to this tomorrow.

    As for why the link is so old, I simply updated a pre-existing sticky that had the old information in it.

  17. Hmm, I am a regular but should be an addict, never really bothered with these things but did like my forum gigolo title.

    This sort of behaviour significantly increases the chance of being raped by a cactus I must warn you.
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