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Hello everyone,

Im sure this has been asked before, but I just cant seem to find the thread or a more reliable source than Toms, which I love.

Heres my situation,
I have 2 desktops (mine uses wifi), 1 laptop, a wii, xbox360 and 2 smartphones that are always connected to wifi when I get home. I am a very active gamer, and I want a smooth, stutter free connection that doesnt tend to drop when slightly (or in my torrenting on my pc while playing halo reach matchmaking, all the while the girlfriend is trying to play frontierville on her desktop) taxed.

The router that I have now is the Trendnet TEW-672gr.
The speeds seem fine, but it drops my connection at least 8+ times a day which always requires a power cycle.

I have been looking at the Linksys E3000 for quite some time now, and I was just wondering if there might be a superior option(s) for around the same price tag. $150 for a router is a little intimidating but Ill pay it if it can provide an almost 24/7 solid, fast connection with decent range.

I am not worried about sharing an external hard drive, but I would love a good connection for windows media center thru my xbox 360.

Thanks to everyone in advance!
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  1. I use the E1000 Linksys without issue. Only 2-3 computers on at a time, 2 wireless, 1 wired. I looked at the E3000 but didn't really need it.

    Try out the Linksys E1000. If you don't like it, return it and move up to the E3000.

    I'm gaming, downloading, and using a VPN connection from home into work ona 4MB connection. I don't have any issues.
  2. says i get a 20mb connection, so I was not sure If i needed the simultaneous dual band to fully realize the potential.

    *edit* By the way, Thank you for the response Riser
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    Back in the day when you purchased a router it used to tell you on the box what the WAN port link speed. Nowadays, they call it "Internet" and leave it at that. Only a few years ago did routers move up from 10mbps to 10/100mbps. The E1000 and E3000 has at least 10/100mbps connections which should be sufficient for what you are doing. Though, at 20% of the 100mbps that is starting to get congested if under full load. I doubt this will be an issue though.
  4. Cool, thanks a lot riser. You saved me $100. I appreciate it man and its so far so good.
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